Wolf and Light

A brevity from running slips and this muddy world:
October, you fearsome color,
the first of autumnal songs, twisting into the riveted dna of your story over Pork knuckle and German wine
the Alsace of your ferocious words that softened as the light dimmed over the German countryside
and tallowed in the corner with the Pre-war typewriters
the lederhosen and the chef's rye bread....
That moment racing toward the sea, like the duvet spotted
by former occupants and lovers and the dampening weather
and our fingers reading the dribble and each other.
The weissbier and the lightening valkrying toward you on your storm tossed island, the stones tonguing up the light as we broke for home.
we wolves unchained,
barking and lapping up the sky as our growing life rick-racks
while the spotted trains coupled over the penciled horizon, just so.
All that and the time